Meditation Palm

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Nature is at the heart of my inspiration.
For me, to be in contact with the natural world has been always linked with my mood.
Using contrasting yet harmonious textures engages my senses. This earthy palette creates a sense of calm and tranquility just when I need it most.

Every room deserves to be special. These supreme quality print posters serve as statement pieces, creating a personalised environment.

All my artwork is printed in the US on museum grade paper which is known to be archival (which means it can be stored for a long time without turning yellow). My prints are the highest quality, ensuring the pigment acid-free inks are bright and vivid. 


How long will it take to receive your Alba Studio artwork at home? 

lf you are in Australia I will fullfill your order from a local supplier so it will take just between 2 to 5 days.

Same for Spain as I'm currently living in Mallorca. You will have your print home within 2-3 days.

For the rest of the countries, depending where you are it could take anywhere between 7 to 21 days.

Can you track your order?

Sure you can. I'll email you the tracking code of your art piece, so you can follow it's journey.

What happens if your package is damaged or lost?

In case you've received an incorrect or faulty product, we will arrange a free of charge replacement.