Meditation Palm

    Decoration not only can create corners that reflect people's personalities, but it can also balance and counteract elements that are made to calm stressful situations.

    The personal spaces in our home set the stage for many moments in our lives. and because these areas are the setting for so many important and stressful periods in life, it’s crucial that your personal spaces comfort, support, and provide positive emotional energy.

    Here are some ways to support your mental wellbeing through natural elements in home decor:

    - Choose decor and furniture made with natural materials like wood, cotton, wool or stone.

    - Plants bring life to your home and have a calming effect. We all have an innate desire to be connected with nature, and researches shows that greenery improves our mood and mental health.

    - Selec patterns that reflect the natural world, such as leaves or florals.

    - Allowing air to circulate in the spaces.

    -For s punch of happiness and positivity, add in a few brightly colored accessories such as pillows, pottery or vibrant artwork. Intense color can help attract the eye and focus the mind.


    As previously mentioned, decorating your own home brings you happiness, and in the process, helps you be more comfortable not only with your home but with yourself. Decorating gives you a sense of control and achievement, especially when you finish tasks.

    In fact, the way you design your home can also affect your productivity in your office space, especially now with more people working from home. A clean and organized home can lead to improved productivity.


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